Sims-Huhner Test

Alternate Names

  • Postcoital Test
  • Postcoital Cervical Mucus Test
  • Cervical Mucus Sperm Penetration Test

A Sims-Huhner test is done when a couple is experiencing difficulty conceiving, and is usually done after the man has had a normal semen analysis. This test is done mid-cycle, which is the most favorable time for conception. Vaginal mucus is thinner which provides optimal conditions for sperm movement. Following sex, vaginal and cervical mucus is removed and examined to determine how well the sperm are able to move through the mucus. The pH of the mucus is also measured to determine if the mucus is hospitable to the sperm (either very high or very low pH values will cause sperm death). This test will be repeated the following month for better accuracy.


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