Semen Analysis

Alternate Names

  • Sperm Analysis
  • Sperm Count
  • Seminal Fluid Analysis

Semen analysis is done when a couple is experiencing difficulty conceiving. At least 50% of sperm normally show activity and are able to move forward. Any abnormal sperm are counted and the number compared to the number of normal sperm. A Semen analysis also measures is the amount of time it takes for the semen to become a liquid, which allows easier sperm movement. Semen analysis is an indication of how well the testicles are working. Low sperm levels are seen in men with under-producing testes due to surgical removal of the testicle, infection, radiation, Klinefelter's syndrome, or low hormone production due to an under-active thyroid or pituitary glands. A Semen analysis is also used to evaluate if vasectomy was successful; there should be no sperm present. This test should be repeated at least three times with a few weeks in between each sample.


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