(Pancreatic Enzymes)

Secretin and pancreozymin are hormones that stimulate the release of enzymes from the pancreas, along with bicarbonate and water which regulates the acidity of the small intestinal (duodenal) contents. This test is used to diagnose cystic fibrosis in children with symptoms of increased mucous production, a large number of respiratory tract infections, poor absorption of nutrients from the diet, and slowed growth. The increased amount of mucous will block the ducts in the pancreas that allow passage of pancreatic secretions, which results in low levels of enzymes in the intestines. A tube is passed through the nose into the stomach and then into the duodenum to enable the removal of secretions for analysis. Your child will be given a small injection just under the skin of secretin-pancreozymin to ensure there will be no sensitivity reaction, and then given the hormone by IV. Samples are taken at set intervals from the duodenum and analyzed.


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