Prostate Specific Antigen

Alternate Names

  • Tumor Marker
  • Total PSA
  • Free PSA
  • Complexed PSA

PSA is a protein found in the prostate gland, and is normally found in the blood of all males. When prostate cancer develops, PSA blood levels will rise and can be used as an indication of the severity of the cancer. PSA levels are also used to monitor how well you are responding to treatment, and to monitor for the return of cancer following previous treatment. This test is very accurate, but there can be both false positive and false negative results. Prostatic-specific membrane antigen (PSMA) is used as a tumor marker for prostate cancer, this test has greater accuracy when severe cancer is present. Early prostate cancer antigen (EPCA) is only present in the blood when there is cancer; it is not found in normal cells. EPCA is very specific to prostate cancer.


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Vanita Dahia

Posted 8 years ago
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Which labs do PSMA testing? Does the prostate need to be palpated prior to blood draw?EDTA or SST tube?ThanksVanita

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