Glucose, Blood
(Blood Glucose)

Alternate Names

  • Blood Sugar
  • Fasting Blood Sugar
  • FBS
  • Blood Glucose
  • RBS
  • Randon Blood Sugar
  • PPS
  • Post-prandial blood sugar

The hormones insulin and glucagon regulate blood sugar (glucose) levels. When blood sugar levels fall, glucagon is released by the pancreas which causes blood sugar levels to rise. When blood sugar levels rise, insulin is released by the pancreas which causes blood sugar levels to fall. Blood sugar levels are dependent upon the time of day, when your last meal was eaten, the amount of stress you are experiencing, or surgery. There are many medications that can affect blood sugar levels.

A blood glucose test is normally ordered:

  • As a routine part of the basic metabolic panel.
  • If you have signs or symptoms of diabetes.
  • To monitor your blood sugar (glucose) if you already have diabetes.
  • If you have another condition associated with diabetes, like heart disease, high blood pressure, etc.
  • To check for gestational diabetes in pregnant women.

    The three main types of blood glucose tests are:

    FBS (Fasting Blood Sugar): These tests are taken after a period of fasting that your doctor will specify. Usually the fasting period will require that you not eat or drink for six hours prior to the test.

    RBS (Random Blood Sugar): As its name implies, a random glucose test can be done at any time of the day and the results, therefore, are highly variable and influenced by what you ate or drank before the test as well as your level of physical activity.

    PPS (Post Prandial Glucose): This variation of the test is done after easting a meal. For example, a 2-hour postprandial blood sugar test measures your blood sugar 2 hours after you've eaten a meal.

    Of these variations, the RBS (Random Blood Sugar) test is considered the most precise because it eliminates blood sugar variation attributable to eating.

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