Apt Test

Alternate Names

  • Downey Test
  • Qualitative Fetal Hemoglobin Stool Test
  • Stool for Swallowed Blood

If blood is found in the stool of a newborn baby, an Apt Test is done to identify if the blood is from the baby or her mother. A baby may swallow blood from her mother either during birth or while breast-feeding, and it is important to rule out this cause of the presence of blood in the baby's stool from more serious causes. If the blood is identified as coming from the baby, further tests will be done to determine the exact cause and source of the bleeding. Possible reasons for blood in the stool of a newborn are necrotizing enterocolitis (where the bowel stops working) or bleeding in the stomach or intestines.


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NM Kaplan

Posted 3 years ago
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How sensitive is this test? ARe there false results?

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