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Medical Laboratory Tests are often the prologue to life-changing diagnoses and therapies. This website was designed by medical professionals in recognition of that fact. It provides you with plainly written, comprehensible descriptions of hundreds of the most commonly performed medical laboratory tests. Tests are thoughtfully cross referenced with related tests and panels. They're searchable by medical and common terminology, browsable by alphabet, and displayed in a 'cloud' by popularity.

We've also provided a Comments section for each test, where you can exchange your questions or your wisdom with others who share a common interest in a particular test or diagnosis.

We hope you find the site useful and easy to use, and we welcome your comments via our Contact Us section. As an important reminder, please recognize that the data and descriptions and information presented here at LabTestHelp - and the opinions and views and discussions contributed by its users - are not intended to replace the sound, personalized advice that you get from the medical professionals responsible for your care. Your medical doctor always has the last word in terms of your own tests, test results, diagnoses and treatment. Further we remind you that in a medical emergency, step away from this website and call for emergency help.

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In a medical emergency, step away from this web site and call for emergency help. Remember, we're not doctors and we don't claim to be able to diagnose your condition. The information and services we provide or display here are merely intended to make you a more knowledgeable patient so that you can have smarter conversations with your actual health care providers.